Do you want to support progress in your company with highly effective management tools? And not to stay in a theoretical approach but apply it directly on a real case with your teams.

2D Conseil proposes to use a wide range of tools that have proven their power in the automotive industry.

When we talk about deploying management tools in an organization, we often imagine endless training sessions with sometimes limited effects. 2D Conseil offers a pragmatic approach based on the application of tools directly on the real cases that you encounter. Your teams actively participate and see the power of tools that improve their daily lives. The implementation is faster and the effects more sustainable thanks to the personal appropriation. According to your needs 2D Conseil offers:

  • 8D QRCI
  • Build up a productivity plan 
  • Prioritize your actions with the pareto method 
  • Convergence plan - reduction of waste for example
  • Improve machine performance (OEE) 
  • Visual management in the shop floor
  • Inventory level reduction 
  • Breakthrough plan to improve security 
  • Root cause analysis and process improvement 
  • Project dashboard 
  • Quality management in development or in production phase
  • Etc. .... non-exhaustive list