2 D conseil is your partner for strategic developement. 

2D conseil is your partner for industrial organization. May you face poor performance? or Customer quality crisis? or you are considering external growth? 2D conseil answers those questions with an accurate process based on 28th years of experience in automotive industry.

2D conseil supports your strategy

When time is coming for external growth, you may face several questions. From answer you will anticipate success or fail.
  • Order in take portfolio is full but are you able to deliver at rate?
  • Does the current result reflect real company performance or favorable market conditions?
  • Have you identified the breakeven point of the company below which it will be difficult to make profit?
  • Is there any robust system to overcome big crisis or do you fear performance drop in case of key people resignation?
  • Management team is experimented but do you have the appropriate organization to face midterm workload?
  • You did point out the key challenges but what about the needed ressources? 
  • Did you design a robust integration plan for the new comers?

Based on 28 years of experience in automotive industrie, 2D conseil offer you a precious support to answer those questions. Answers come from many challenges completed in program management, development, manufacturing, Plant management, supply chain, Quality or HSE.

Services :

  1. Industrial Due Diligence. You will be able to make decision based on facts and data
  2. Breakthrough / Improvement plan to speed up your performance
  3. Team support for a sustainable usage of management tools.