Cadence Innovation France Burnhaupt

Mar 2007

Cadence Innovation take over by Faurecia

Industrial plan design and setup.

10 years later this plant remains one of the best performer in the group

Wuhan Liao Yuan China

Sept 2007

Faurecia China Growth

Industrial Due Diligence prior to JV Setup. No go. 

Mehr Cam Pars Teheran Iran

Nov 2007

Mission mandated by Renault Nissan during the Logan ramp for Middle East Market

Industrial audit of MCP - local Bumper and IP supplier. Roadmap design to secure the launch and ramp up.

Ergom -Magnetti Marelli Poland

Nov 2008

Magnetti Marelli was considering to sell this activity. 

Industrial audit of Ergom- Study of synergies with Faurecia Slovakia. No go.

Plastal Germany

Feb 2010

Plastal Germany bankruptcy (ex Dynamit Nobel)

IDD prior to acquisition which occurred in 2010.

Yearly turnover € 800 m. 5 major plants and 2000 p

Plastal Spain

Mar 2012

Plastal Spain bankruptcy (ex Dynamit Nobel)

Industrial & Quality integration 

 4 plants € 700 m-1200 p

Plastal Hambach 

Jan 2013

Daimler request for rationalization

Industrial Integration, Quality improprement of this activity member of industrie pool of SMART € 70 m -300 p

Faurecia Automotiver Exterior

Oct 2015

Sale process of Faurecia Exterior to Plastic Omnium and Flex N Gate

Data room set up and integration process plan set up.

Plastic Omnium Slovakia

Nov 2017

Operation director missing for Slovakia

Preparation of new position for Slovakia

Set up of a complete turnaround plan

Eurostamp France

Jul 2018

Quality performance Improvement

Training on Quality Fundamentals

De Dietrich Process System China 

Dec 2018

Chinese Operations

IDD & turnaround plan

De Dietrich Process System India

Apr 2019

Hyderabad, India

Indian Operations

IDD & turnaround plan

De Dietrich Process System China

Jan 2020

Wuxi, China

New Plant Manager Coaching 6 months 

Industrial Skill development 

On Job Coaching