Industrial Due Diligence 

Thanks to 2D Conseil, at the end of the Due Diligence you will have a complete booklet giving you a clear vision of the entity performance as well as of the organization robustness.

Process Milestones:

  1. As soon as the decision to carry out a Due Diligence is made, a form is sent to the company in order to optimize the on-site audit phase. 
  2. Then, depending on the complexity of the structure, an audit of 3 to 5 days is carried out on site. This is the key step of the DD in which the information given are corroborated with facts and datas. The medium-term load plan is carefully analyzed to ensure its feasibility under the conditions set out in the business plan. 
  3. Moreover It's the opportunity to meet the team in place and to deep dive in the daily business. The strategic plans are reviewed and challenged with the team to evaluate both relevance, appropriation and feasibility. 
  4. A DD report is written down and becomes the property of the client. You will find a summary of the key criteria with a expected trajectory and landing point on addressed chapters. Each chapter is then detailed based on the informations collected and corroborated on site. 
  5. Finally 2D Conseil will share his recommendation as part of your project. Obviously the final decision is yours but you will have all the levers in hand...